The Pin Up Files

Fine resource of pin up art, both classic and modern, featuring genre definers such as Alberto Vargas alongside lesser known scribblers of smut.

Bettie Page

While we’re on the subject of Pin Ups, it’d seem a big over sight not to mention the Queen of em all… Loads of good images to be found on this here official site

It’s Only A Movie

Classic (and not so classic) horror site, containing, amongst other things, a huge archive of amazing gore splattered video nasty VHS covers.

Tales From The Crypt

An immense youtube playlist (about 30 episodes or so) of everyone’s favourite series. We’d like to say there’s not a bad episode, but there is, in fact there’s loads of bad episodes. But every word that spills from the Crypt Keeper’s decaying mouth is pure GOLD.

Tijuana Bibles

Bizarre, occasionally funny and often deeply offensive- Tijuana Bibles were an early form of American pornography, hand drawn and usually featuring famous cartoon characters (the things Mickey Mouse gets up to…) Rare as hens teeth, and scanned online here. Not for the easily bothered…!

Alex Jones

The king of all conspiracy wacks. Alex Jones is totally crazy, and sometimes right. Watch his many many entertaining, raging and deeply nutty videos here and learn why you should be terrified of everything

Asian Horror Movies

An mind boggliungly extensive list of Asian horror to watch for free online, from the sublime classic story telling of ‘Kwaidan’, to the psychedelic haunted cannibal house meets witch cat antics of ‘Hausu’, to the probably-a-bit-shit ‘Big Tits Dragon’



This is a truely amazing archive. An immense collection of Folk Tales from around the globe grouped by theme and country. It’s really got it all, from ‘Bald Stories: Folktales about Hairless Men’ to 6 different translations of ‘The Tongue Cut Sparrow - A Japanese Tale’. Fascinating.

British Library

One of the biggest libraries in the world has put a huge host of it’s texts online, with guest curators making sense of the vast horde of words for you. Always worth returning to.

Museum Of British Folklore

A new museum celebrating British folk, with some excellent images of fine traditional regalia.


Our Discogs Page

A selection of the rare records and more that we have for sale in the shop are also available to buy online here

Garage Punk.com

A great resource for garage punk (duh..) podcasts and paraphenalia… sometimes it’s in fashion sometimes it’s not… we always love it….!